Its not easy to be in causal relationship

I hate to have to know a person, get close and then due to some reason have to leave, filter, block them. Now finding out they block me because of me being a douchebag its not a good feeling. 

I am a kind person and i do love the people around me. I don't want to hurt anyone or disappoint anyone whom love me. But why relationship are now becoming so complicated? 

Person whom i love don't love me. People whom i don't love, love me. Its not like i am a player or womenizer? People see me this way because i usually do not try to conceal my true self. I need companion and you have to understand. Being single i have no one to answer to. So don't judge me. I can be very devoted in a relationship. I want to. But i am being single most of the time. People whom i stay devoted don't give me a fuck. 

You need to be quite strong and at the same time heartless to be in a causual relationship. Believe me. When being ditched and ditching people I get sad both ways. It hurts to hurt people whom like you. 

Tyty - thanks for taking care of me. 



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