Danang and HCM trip 2016

The first day travelling from Singapore to Danan is hectic. Our flight at Changi is at 1:15pm. Reached HCM at 3pm and the tranfer flight to Danang was delayed 2+ hour have to loiter around then reach Danang at 7+. The worst part of this trip i guess is the crumblesome travelling. Chris and his group booked a villa while I stayed at a small hotel beside their villa.The first night seafood was not meeting my standard, couldn't get to eat flower crab as i had been planning to. One of the disappointing meal I had in Vietnam.

The 8 pax from left to right, Candy, Jack, Jerry, Chris, Gary, Joyce, Limin and Andrea plus Uncle Kelvin and his companion. These guys were great, able to tolerate my nonsense trash talk. No one can take me seriously ever. I have a talk cock face. 

Day 2 morning We booked a tour to some of the famous landmark for 4 millions dong. ($250sgd) for 8 pacs including tips and lunch which is very cheap I guess. 

Famous mable factory where they produce different sculpture. I took the one and only figure i love. Not alot of people know that this is 断臂威尼斯。It symblised flawlessness in imperfection. Its meant a lot to me in my life and teaching me to deal with imperfection :)

Caves of hell and heaven. Its very common of caves and hills to be crafted with life looking sculpure. 

A panaroma view at the top of the heavenly cave. We got to the top finally. 

One of the very famous place is the guanyima. 

With guanyima blessing us in this shot. 2017 is going to be great!

Some group shot thru the day. 

Really need to give a big thanks to Andrian and Angeline. This couple had been providing the pack with food. They shop, buy, prepare and cook for us. Korean style. 

Its really nice and very fulfilling. Very authentic and we couldn't asked for more. Its something bar bar one. Something like mee thai bak. Along the line. LoL

Day 3 we started off with a home cook 担担面。淡淡面。Those at the villa helped us to cook breakfast. 

They brought me to tour the world longest cable car which is in Danang and they trolled me that the ride was 23km long and will take 25minutes to reach between points. I believed. Actually its only 6km apart but still they are the world longest just not 23km. Why i was so easily cheated? Look at this!

Due to raining heavily at Banahills. Most of the activities are cancelled and we had to be forced to confine inside a indoor theme park. Thise PG13 rides. Very no kick. 

At night we all gathered into the villa and count down for 2017. Me and WF steamed live on FB. 



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