JB with kelisa xiao bai

These few days I been in and out of JB with many friends. Due to the favt that Kelisa needs some love from our neighbour for fuel, car wash, parts and mods. Going in with Angel to tint the glass and installation of electric door lock. Stopped for supper at frog leg too. Got to go thai massage while waiting for the workshop to find up the job. 

Went in again the next day and stayed over a night. He con me saying thats an appointment the next day.

Then in the end. He go and see thai monk to put tattoo. I think its for protection bah. 

Before coming back put xiao bai to workshop to mod the led light and HD light for inside. This shop is good. Will to give discount and put in extra effort to assist stuff off the scope. 

Put the japanese imported roof rack onto kelisa. Wanna go for mira gino body kit. But reckon might have some problem on inspection because of headlight modification. Drop the idea to convert to gino. I found a ex gino owner willing to sell the whole kit plus exhaust plus wheel for $400. What a steal. But end up didnt exceise the option. 

Some example of a gino. 



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