dream of PEILIN and nightmare

This is the first time in my dream, I got scare out of a nightmare and shiver and cry over the dream content. It was so real and I actually felt scare for the first time.

Dreams are hard to remember. So I called PL and told me the moment I woke up and ask her to help me remember the details of the dream.

The dream starts off as a normal dream which random events happening and its the randomize of those event makes it seem so real. Its not a story board of logic flow. But part of the dream just came together.

Me and PL were in a hotel room at Bangkok

PL was on the phone with her ex boyfriend

PL wanna have sex, I want to urine

I saw monk selling charm

event space with white paper point form

the aunt and the retarted kid

the kid got the curse from 2 years ago, i saw PL curse. And it will pass on



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