11 century hotel staycation

11 century hotel is not bad a place to stay in consider the price. The lobby and walkway were a but run down but at the the rooms are nice. Regular room starting from $169 riggit onward at Johor, near KSL. It was first introduced to me by qing he. 

I need to go in to do my Kelisa. KSL is near to all the service and accessories workshop. Hotel was just opposite KSL and holiday plaza for electronic stuff shopping. And there are multiple of massage salon all over the place to keep u occupied for the night. If you are driving, Taman sentosa and taman garden is just stone throw away. 

For the short staycation, we had our seafood dinner at taman garden. Check in after mid night at 11 century and watch 我们相爱吧 together. 

The next day went to KSL and holiday plaza for shopping. 

Went over to doi chaang coffee outlet nearby to have a coffee fix. We initially thot that this coffee is from vietnam but actually its not. The speciality in house ice coffee was nice. 

Things was turning out better for me. I guess all the perservence was well worth my effort. The future holding bright ahead for us. I need to faster get back a proper career to start planning plans. Everything will get better. 



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