Xiao Bai (perodua kelisa) for Xiao Huang (swift sport) and why

Still remember xiao huang mah? Its my suzuki swift sport, very well taken care of from previous owner. Even 8 years old the car almost look like new car from inside out. All equipment are lightly used and even the exterior was very well taken care of. It was one of the best ride I have brought. But well, actual I just had one car before that which is xiao hei, Picanto.

Now if you ask me why did I buy xiao huang for? Other than the obvious that Picanto reach its 10 years I had to scrap away. But I do not need a car when I was working in my line. Taking MRT and Public is the best option and I do not have any need for vehicle. Other than because of her.

Having a weekend car mean that I can drive the car after 7pm and why do I need to drive the car. Purely because it conducive and I want to spend more time with her. Be it watching our show in the car or the small chat while sending her back home. I brought xiao huang because I wanna upgrade the ride for her. You might not even believe me but it true. Its for you.

And we did have our fair share of fun inside the vehicle. We spend Christmas in it, count down in it. Eat in it, camp in it, sleep in it. In between work, be it hers or mine we steal some time spending quality accompany in it. Xiao huang is like our little child, you went to view him together, buy together and I even sold off the car together. That's right. We had aborted xiao huang and that is of course with a valid reason. 

I had a transition of job, in another I got out of job. Without income flow, I am not able to substantial the monthly overhead of the yellow beauty. We make a collectively discussion and agree its financially not advisable for us to have a xiao huang. Although it is really a good performance car and I had spend quite some money too to upgrade the ride as well. So there he goes. Served us well for the past 6 months. 

So during my one month (May 2016) of unemployment, I basically is a stay home kid. So why do I need a car anyway. But well, because of missing the convenient of transport and hide out place, the time we spend with each other had lessen. Of course during this period you are also occupied with other person. But to bring us closer, without a car is not an opinion for me. I decided to find an alternate ride to let us go back to good old time. And yes, I buy my 3rd car because of you. Purely. as I do not need a car in my following job and at the time I brought the car I was still slacking at home.

So happened for me to come across xiao bai. You know why I like this model so much. I had told you  on so many occasion why this model is appealing to me. You also say that you wouldn't mind even if this is consider a downgrade of ride :) I had been keeping a look out for a suitable price and condition to commit into. 

I was so impluse that I went down to view and straight away I placed my deposit even though I told you the condition were not the best that I have seen. I almost can say that it was having the worst condition compared to huang and hei. But nonetheless, there are some good point about this bai that make me want to reserve it on the spot. I was counting down the days to collect the car. I was also afraid that you might not like the condition or even the model cause you didn't went to test drive the car together. Lucky, when I picked you at your workplace, you seem to be pleasantly satifised with the car as much as me. I was glad that my decision to take it didn't disappoint you. For the price that I am paying, this is top of the class with very low depreciation every year. Economic in another words.

Xiao Bai aka the Perodua Kelisa. A very budget compact car that was the most widely sold in Malaysia. I told people that I had brought SLK instead. Thats because SLK stands for "Small little Kelisa" of backward is KLS "KeLiSa". So from today onward please tell people that Gary had got myself a kelisa. 

Well, first to drive a Kelisa you need to be someone of attitude. Its big character packed in compact package. Kelisa is often anti selected due to the generalizations and discrimination that Malaysia is not so good of a car producer compared to more expensive counter part like the Japanese, Korean and European car. That was totally not true. Because the Perodua is built to save your pocket and last you a life time. 

They are economical, cheap on parts and built so that its affordable and they are available to anyone who wish to own a car. Actually in the core, its running Daihatsu engine a Japanese brand. It a make over from Japanese engine so you will get the performance and fuel efficiency of a Japanese robust engine.

Other than the more old looking internal dash board, the exterior is very subjective, no everyone can handle the design of the car but that was something so appealing to me, they do actually looked cute like the Mini and Mira. 

On top of that, its so cheap, the parts are abundant in Malaysia and very customizable to have your own unique look. Since it was a staple in Malaysia, servcing and modification is readily available use across the causeway.  

All in all, it is a very value for money ride to drive in. But not for faint hearted. Most importantly, you need to feel good in any car you drive in. For me it does.



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