UMI+VINO to celebrate bday

5th May is PL birthday, celebrate slightly later with her. Since I sold of my xiao huang, our time together had been compromised by the inconvenient of travelling. Since so long before I met her up to bring her eat lavishly despite I already had stopped income stream.

We hang around Suntec and Marine Square and decided to settled in one of the fine dining Japanese restaurant near Marine Square. UMI+VINO. They had a good spread of oyster, my favorite and at the point they are having lobster 1 for 1 if paying by OCBC credit card. The lobster alone cost 40++ per dish per person. End up, we didn't pay thru OCBC, so didn't manage to get the saving. Dinner that night damage me for $200+. Well on the sliver lining, it was my first time trying out lobster. By the way, it just tasted like crayfish.

Present, although not as exciting as the one I gave her on Christmas. But it was also one of the series from DKNY a long wallet. Kinda find that the present I brought for her although I had put in a lot of effort making as practical as possible so that she can use it on a regular basis, she seem not loving them enough to replace her old one. 

Tobi, is having a new BOTAK cut, and from the furry dog to this skinny dog. After his hair cut, he run super run and jump around like crazy deer. He had thought the hair removed from his body had make him with better grip and lighter weight.

Mum had been spoiling him so much. He now attitude liao. Doesn't like to eat dog food and learn to bite owner hand. Although he just nimble, but I was very strict on that, he can't cultivate this habit or in the future he may learn to bite people. 

A regular session with DSO. Some left, some rises and some from other bank. Drink drank and drunk.


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