SBK event trip Sepang 2016

Video clip for Sepang Trip

On one random sunny day, I got a call from Ethan, asking if I would like to join him in a free event to KL for motor GP like event. I agreed without a thought, cause I am currently in between job. Free time I have. Just like that so suddenly off I go to Sepang, Kuala Lumpur.

One of the good thing about this event, although we have to pay for hotel and flight, but we do get VVIP pass to access VIP lounge and Motul sponsor us on venue and food to go along inside the lounge.

SBK = Super Bike which is tantamount to the motor GP just like those car racing inside a circuit. I never knew what was so excited about the motor cycling around a looped track. I was about to find out. Enlightened by Ethan. 

Bike racing is not all about speed. Its about persistency, precision, skill, decisiveness and the thrill of passing other bikes in close proximity and within near crash distance. Even the distance is 1 sec behind you are world behind, because everyone is racing at the best capacity it not like you have special nitrogen to bust thru infront of others like you watch on TV.

It kinda teach me something on life lesson. Career perception on how to become the best in what you are doing.

Car / Motor show, something they are not all about the bike. Side note I do like the Kawasaki crusier on top that is in orange color. Of course those ladies in green is something also appealing to me. Haha

I had a fetish for malaysia car. They are not as bad as people in my country think they are. The local production had came a long way and they are quite well know for the typical aspect these malaysia car provide. They are cheap in production, good in efficiency and light to pocket. Some of the most epic car like Kelisa was even widely sold in UK. 

The love the old school look of malaysia car. The attitude when you drive in one of them. I telling the world that you do not care about looks and don't give a shit about what people think about you. You got an attitude about wanting something that serve it purpose and not something to be shown off to other people. Money can be put in better use. 

I do not know about them before I went Sepang, they are basically the winner for the two days when we watch the show.

Other than bike I bring Ethan to my favorite place for breakfast. I think its near lot 10. If not within lot 10. Wide selection of hongkong style dishes all in one place like the 美食街. The hotel that we stayed in is recommendable too. Federal hotel is within close proximity to all major attraction, all of them within walking distance. The hotel also provide good restaurant with buffet on oyster, crab, crayfish etc. Very value in money around $50 per night. Highly recommend to put yourself in if you visit KL in the near future.



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