Ethan is married. No more single friend

My best friend just got married. I thought we had told each other that marriage is not for us. Guess he is lying and he found his true love before me. 

Just saw Jackson from some long ago. Last time saw him was in 2011 during his wedding dinner. And ironically that was when i got ditched with ur ex girlfriend. Thinking back. Oh it was 5 years ago. And i had not been dating any girl since then. Dating have but was not committed together with any girl yet. Now my savest bet is hsiong wei. If he get married before me. I kill myself. Haha. 

This one taken on 美图, didi said it did no magic on her. The app only useful on me. So bad. Really got so much different meh. 

All the single lady, i am thinking. Am i that bad or lousy that i can remain single for 5 years? No one see value in me meh? I think i am dusty jade. It extremely valuable if you willing to pick it up and polish a bit. I just feel like a trash laying on the floor even begger didnt want to pick me up. Haha. 

Faster, my better half. Thought u just around the corner? 爱转角没有看到你。你可以加油一点吗?别那么懒了,快快起床找我了喂!



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