So long never go out play after meet PL

This month march is the first time after 10 years after I ord from ADF and was called up for reservist. First In Camp Training after 10 years at age 32. We think we couldn't complete the 10 cycle. We will out post by the time we reach 40.

I was excited this time to go back to reservist as I am still working and drawing basic + comm, hence the time spend inside camp is free money cause they are going to compensate me back my average monthly salary. And I also happen to have an excuse letter to excuse myself from running jumping marching and IPPT. Hence we are being assigned as super sub, doing some light admin work. It will be a good chance for me to stay at bunk away from work and relax myself awhile.

This month I finally get to hang out with co worker. So long never get together with my colleague already. Last minute went JB thru second link. First time I taking this route to JB.

Finally going to 303. (Pun intended) It actually is a authentic chinese therapy massage as vs the Thai massage they are more pressured focus more on pressure point. The auntie step me to clark my bone is no april fool joke. Along my spine she clark almost 4 times from upper back till the lower back. Each clark is like unlocking the century secret being there for century left unlocked. The accumulation of tireness, accumulation of 10 years of standing at road show. The stress and all unlock at the clark. One and for all you are brought to near death experience. You went thru hell and came back alive. Reborn, refresher orb and rejuvienized.  

* clark mean the bone sound when she step on top of you

It is also one of a time when I fulfil my childhood dream. To eat at Red star restaurant at Chin Swee Road. There is always childhood restriction on finance where your parent just doesn't want to bring you to eat at certain restaurant although now it is very reachable by your own standard. Just this one at where I am staying 20 years ago, was so unreachable by me. Now finally have the opportunity to eat with angel. Thinking back the Angel I know during primary school and exactly at the place. How ironic.

I mean for dim sum, they really serve good stuff. That explain why they are still here after so many years. From the crowd I guess they are still getting a nice profit from doing their usual business 20 years ago. The setting, the furniture and renovation are so yesteryear. They still have auntie pushing the trolly around for you to order the buns, har gao and siew mai etc. The chair that almost give way but that the nostalgia feeling that you can't experience anywhere else. Definitely coming back one more time. 

Angel is just the only 1 out of 120 dso whom is a girl which her own car. Manual somemore, sport series somemore, swap engine somemore. Where to find this kind of person still. Yea. with us. Test drive Subaru Impreza 

The crazy shit just spend her whole day at electronic fair with me lala around and she brought herself redmi 3 just for a spare phone. We took a selfie on her Miui UI which applied skin filter on default, very convenient right. 

After PL bring back the authentic salted egg croissant from JB. I am addicted to it. When around to hunt for this. Don't mention the new launch cheap skate knock off from bread talk. The filling is like china salted egg wannabe. The paragon orchard one is more authentic and closer to the JB one.

Met up my BFF from cg for lunch at Paragon. Last met up with her was so long ago. Didn't have the chance to meet her after CF. This year CF is 2 weeks later. Finger cross to me even make it to the trip due to some personal reason. Will disclose the full inform soon. Stay tuned Bros

Anyway since I have no time to split the post I might as well squeeze in another event.

 Went to 36 with my BFF from DSO. and i just learnt from blanka that BFF can cuddle lai and cuddle qu de (pun intended). BFF can give Hermes bracelet one. BFF is? I am so confused. Anyway had been away from drinking places for at least 1/2 year. So committed to PL, now after so long get to taste my long lost beer. OMG thats heavenly.



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