Staycation at hotel Changi cove

I believe this hotel is only 4 yrs old and relatively new, i book it as it adv as 4 star going for $140 sgd per night (after discount) which is quite worth it. However i think they are not worth 4 stars as adv. hard to access room from lobby, lack of smoking point and not fridge in the room. My shower got no hot water although later they had water back online. Good thing is we went off perk, very little people hence quite quiet which we are looking for when going for staycation. 

Whats special is that the room will be complimentary nespresso coffee and a bean bag to snuggle. They also have a guest loft where u get free flow of espresso machine and board games to play. But still i hate they didnt include fridge in their room. 

Another highlight is that they allow us to draw arts on their wall. Let me vent out some creative juice inside the hotel. 

A lot of tree and jungle green around the hotel but lack in swimming pool and smoking point. The whole hotel only have 1 smoking point at the lobby which i have to travel 3 mins from the room to the smoking point. Enough on the hotel. 

Sat morning i surprise her by picking her up after her yoga and when to changi village to have lunch. She wasnt aware about the staycation that i had planed. Suddenly she had the urge to go toilet and i told her the public toilet was too dirty and i would bring her to somewhere cleaner and with aircon. Driving to Changi cove, the hotel doesn't look like one. It do looks more like a country club which she used the toilet while i secretly checked in. Unfortunately, the checking in took so long and she caught me checking in already. Killed the surprise. 

The rest of the afternoon and evening we just laze around watching cable and movie on my ipad. There are itnerary and we suppose to visit a musemum and changi boardwalk however i was really really lazy. But the boardwalk had stunning view at sun set. Could love to go there one more time to enjoy the senceria. 

These are some of the images from evening boardwalk. Would really want ti be there sometime again to take picture myself. 

At night we went to Changi village to dabao walking will take ard 8mins, driving take 2 minutes but hard to find parking on weekend. 

Our dinner cost me around $60. Oh my god. I am so broke. 



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