My econ plan for home improvement

Like i said before. I need to periodally purchase big expenditure very alternate month. Sometime it can be a overseatrip, a iMac, some random luxurious item, a car, an iphone/ipad, a PS4 so on and so forth. That set me off my saving plan a fair bit. And they are trash item that can only to used infrequently and some even not been used yet. It hard for me to save hence i need regular saving plans. 

But this month i spent another 3k on bulk purchase but i felt money well spend. I am upgrading my home to econ friendly. I need to replace home applicances to energy efficient and hence giving me long term cost saving. 

My monthly utlilities bill for 2 person is around $200 which is quite a lot. We were seldom at home excepted after 7pm. Electrical bill shouldnt amount to so much. I reackon my 25 years old aircon might be the culprit. I had a 55" plasma TV, obselete technology already and everytime we watch tv i just emit a lot of heat. Must get those replaced. 

Went for the 40" philip at gain city roadshow. For $499. It is HD digital ready. 4 star on energy efficency.

Installed a ceiling fan to fight the heat and due to I decided to go for system 2 instead of having aircon in the living room. The diff price for system 3 is around 1k. Don't want to spend on air con that i will unlikely use. 

My new system 2 , 4 star rating from Mitsubishi. With ion distribution. But i smoke in room hence i think i don't get to enjoy the benefit. 

Leveled up my aquarium. I really enjoy watching the shrimp swimming around. I might build a better tank in the future when i buy my new house. Although i have no find my wife yet. 



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