The sunset is extremely beautiful but only limited to dawn

Love is ironic. While sometime you put in heart and soul into a relationship but then the other person just put in all her effort into another person. This is so typically lame. Sometime when the spark is not right, no matter how hard you try the person will just leave you. Haha. I am really laughing at how stupid it is.

For the past 5 months, I was in love. Deeply and madly maybe is just that thing that I had to work hard for tends to be more precious or it is just the way it is. Most of the time the things you hold the most desperately to is those that you had never had.

This kind of attention had to stop. Its hurting me emotionally, physically and spiritually. It even had affected my job. Now I am slowly getting out of it, how can I judge? By my sales number :) The more I am in love the lesser customer I had. Now my number is climbing because I had shift back my focus to work again. I had became introvert again. Don't like to hang out with anyone. My batteries are low now recharging.

I don't blame anyone because I always believe in going after the one you love rather the one that loves you. Cause giving is better than receiving. At least you love having the feeling of you doing something great to the person you love.

Although I had my fair share of chances, at least that I had been given plenty. I didn't cherish and let us down. Its me. I hate myself for not being the best and I love that I had grew up even more. I know how to handle this kind of stuff in the future. The next one on the list, you are lucky thank to us I will not do the same mistake as I had learnt.

For Christmas 2015. I love having to met you once. We crossed path and I am grateful. If fate will to bring us together again I will love you more and not you slip out of my hand. That for god's defined plan. I bless us all the best while us looking for our future undertaking. Not much I had done but this is the memento I did for us you.


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