One shot at things, no regret

If life sometime we got one shot at things and if you fucked it up, You are fucked, for good. Period. Not amount of regrets can change things back to the initial stage. I fucked up on the most precious things I valued for the last 5 months. Well. Can't blame anyone.

On the sliver lining, before I part xiao huang, 2 days after that good night I received surprise present from PL. She is such a sweet heart, she say that must be something to symbolise the memorable event. She got me something I really wanted and will use it almost on a daily basis. She remember that I like gift that are practical. XOXO

Even after everything, she still so nice to keep me accompanied for dinner when I am bored, something she will take the effort to travel all the way down to take her yoga class if i work in town. I dun like the office job that she took up, and hope she never leave insurance. Because then, our timing was so matched and we had more time for each other.

Christmas came early for her too. I brought her a shawl, cause I reckon she will be cold in the office and shawl can be tie into lots of pattern and will not get tired easily. Oh. by the way, shawl is 围脖 and its means something when you give it as a present :)

Lastly, I had decided to sell off my xiao huang. I brought it because I want my 4 babies to have a good ride together with me. And if that is no longer possible, I would not want to ride him alone. 触景伤情。I shall end off with positive note. Thanks everything and miss xiao huang and PL.


  1. Omg no more xiao huang, that ended pretty fast ... Jiayou!


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