Gift exchange for Christmas 2015

Christmas eve celebration is very special this year. I did something really stupid. Firstly i brought present for a girl whom had a BF, secondly, I helped a girl to buy present for her BF. Both incident just show that how stupid and moron I can be. But well, I did it anyway. 

This year present I put in the most effort, I hate festive celebration, I hate crowds and the absent of taxi after countdown. Uber should consider extending service for midnight during holiday eve. 

I shopped around for an ideal gift. Its not easy, first i want something that can be used on a daily basis, then it need to be able to replace the one that she already had. So since her bag was getting old, why not. 

Of course exchanging gift should not be so simple without surprises. I plan to surprise her during gift exchange. 

I purposely told her that i had put in a lot of effort in the gift and she will definitely like the gift that i brought. I want to build up her expectation, so she can be more disappointed that way. Subsequently I find something really lame and boring to replace the gift. I found a car diffuser which she had absolutely no use for. I wrap it in a credit card application form, I tried to make it look as rugged as possible. This is to create the roller coaster effect. 

After I finish my "useless" gift, i got her a post card and wrote some really nice and sweet stuff. This is to enhance the whole experience after she unfold the "real" gift. Well. Video speaks a million words. 

Christmas eve by right should go to garden by the bay, but was replace by going to USS. However just got tired and decided to stay home and watch 志在四方2. It may not be the best way to count down Christmas but fuck it. It the accompany!



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