Sept birthday sprees

This month is my birthday month and i gave myself lots of reason to go on a spree. Best buy of the month G Steel series G shock. Though priced at $320 after discount, this AP look alike is a head turner. I didnt short of comment and compliment how great it looks. Its one of the buy which i will garner value over time the most. Note that this watch run in solar and internal battery, if you are not wearing the watch just leave it on the table top to recharge and it will conserve internal battery :)

PS4 is on my list and i brought it this month when i didnt win first in casa challenge. I was awarded ipad mini2 instead. I sold the ipad asap and its non cellular. Brought PS4 titles, until dawn and resident evil revelation 2. Peilin join me in a 3 hour gameplay into "until dawn". Its a thriller game with butterflies effects depending on the different choices you made in the game gave u different ending. Waiting for fallout 4 and GTA 5. I hope someone can buy me this PS4 titles. $359+$60+$60 

Sold off the lousy gift. Cash back $340

I brough my shrimp aquarium with attempt to aqua landscaping. To avoid hazzle i custom make mine from the shop keeper cause i can't wait to breed my shrimps. Inbrought 7 shrimps and 2 of them is pregnanted. They gave birth 6 small shrimp after 2 weeks. Shall show off them when they grow larger. $180 poorer.   

Went to commonwealth carmart to window shop for car. Almost impulsed to buy Honda Fit 1.3. Scary. I gave a secodn thought in the end. Also looking at acyron, and honda CRz

Annual depreciation is around 12k. Really need to hold my thoughts on this kind of liability. Unless i going insurance if not, car is a no go for me while working in citi. 



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