VOE 2015 and outing to Attitude

This month got a chance to visit KL for VOE and we are extremely extremely bless with good luck to be allocate to KL instead of our usual Bangkok. On the 2nd day of our 

LOL to this group of people. Yi Dai is activating full battle order in Sept when the 慈禧太后 is not around. Happy hours and happy hours coming and surprise we will be over performing when we are happy - I N G.

Five star hotel 

Riggit drop to all time low now 1sgd to 3.02 riggit. When we exchanged we got the rate of 2.98. Still consider high. The whole VOE trip had got anything to do with our company is this mandatory dinner with departments head and play the ice breaker games. The rest is all about drink drank drunk. 

I do however stay indoor most of the time to take break over all the stressful works.

One particular night dunno when, i brought NPL to try her first night at Thai Disco Icon 2. Saw sheng ge they at the table, swap to Attitude out of the blue. The scenery is breath taking.

I was always the more happier one. She is a person who is very nice when being nice. We enjoyed hang out a lot and i m her BFF :( She lacks good male companion and by me being quite feminine I fit her BFF zone.  

Funny night, we had bombay sappahire and MOET. I was so drunk lah, i think we danced Salsa. Attitude is an expensive place. Enough of clubbing this month already. Pay cut!!!



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