Sales Rally 2015

It's jubilee SG50 celebration where we got 4 days off from work. It could be the one and only time in my career that we will be enjoying free 4 days off work. Thanks and that will be the only reason I am appreciative towards SG50.

Last week we had our Sales Rally again happening twice this year. I remember my previous 2 times was at Shanghai Dolly and this time round we were hosted at Neverland 2.

This year theme is "all black" when some new faces joining us and leaving of a veteran. For the comparison I want to show you how we look from previous 2 rally and the people who had left and joined us.

Flashing back:

Feb 15 Sales Rally Theme "Hawaii"

Jul 14 Sales Rally Theme "Glamous"

A lot had been changed in our team landscape and major shift of power when 2 of our pillar leaves us. I had growth a lot and many things happened where it too much for me to write them in a post. I remember last time I told people I am the toothpick of our team.

Twice in my previous post feb 2015 and jul 2014 I had mentioned that I looked up to the awards winner and inspired to be one of them which at that point of time I didn't know that I had the capacity to do it.

It really caught me by surprise when they announced that I had been choosen at TOP DSO number 3 and need to receive award on stage, I was not pre informed so I got caught off guard.

At the same time after, where we had the 4 category of top NTB, RC, Casa and Loan. I managed to acquire 3 of 4 in the category to receive award on stage, I am extremely proud of myself for the hard works and the opportunity given by boss. Its not easy really and I did it!! 

I am humble to get awarded but at the same time proud of myself. I had growth more confident that you can be best at anything when we put in effort in it. Anything is possible now :)

Before I sign off this post, just share some other teams group photo :)

Last but not least a photo of our appreciation day



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