Picnic experience at Pasir Ris

This month is dating month for me. I hanged out with PL for almost very alternate day from one month. It all started from a simple movie at PS. And the date invitation from me is relentless. From Movie, Cludding, Dinning, Shopping and most of the time just watching drama together.

Sushi at Ikoi
 Where is the best place to watch drama? We liked staying in the car and watch drama and eat supper together. The most outrageous meal we had on the car is sting ray, tulan soup with baked bread and bar chor mee from bedok 85. Some of the places we like to park the vehicle are not limited to kallang leisure carpark, mount faber and pearl's park at top of the hill. This is just to get serenity without much people walking around us. Nothing fishy is going on, pure entertainment on Ipad and Divoom speaker.

The outing starting to get mundane and I had brain storm to better ideas to hang out, and we wanna try picnic. This planned outing I had been preparing for like a week and slowly getting all the equipment ready and wait for a best time where are we both free from our hectic job and so happen the Jubilee celebrations. Yeah. 

Dinner treat from PL at san pan liang sheng
Supper at Ye Shang Hai Porrige
蒙面歌王 at Pearl's Hill park
 Got my tent, picnic basket, wine, glass, choco fondue, tidbits and we booked our camping site at pasir ris park. We had an kite making bet which I am suppose to create a kite that can fly. Interesting so on the holiday we travel from bedok to jurong big box and Imm to get all the material to create my kite.

We depart at 2pm and by the time we got all the stuff ready and we are almost till dinner time, she treated me at "san pan liang sheng" (三螽两件). We went to west coast to recce and then decide to camp at Pasir Ris. By the time we reach is already 10pm and its not conducive to fly kite anymore. The tent took minimum effort to set up but the weather is so hot and humid I got sweaty really quick. We do our kite chop chop and she commented that my kite building suck so she allows me to increase my ante of the bet. There is no wind for my kite to set up so the kite failed terribly. But I had not given up, I consider I haven start testing the kite. The date of flying will be postphone to a time where we can be at marina barrage on a afternoon. We also bought fishing rod from diso for freaking $2. Wanted to do shore fishing at a jetty but too many activities I had to postphone it to later date.

Recce at West coast for camping site
2 men tent with picnic basket
End up we went into the tent to watch some show and lay around. Its too hot and I think we stayed for like 2 hours and decided to go back to car watch better. Haha. Nice try although all kinds of fail but I still enjoy unique experience of doing new things together.

Fishing and Kite flying is on the wishlist. Need more preparation. Meanwhile we finished my first picnic of my life. Not very enjoyable but we got more experience in the future like taking our own BBQ tray which uses not more than disposable trays. This will come useful next time when we had another outing.

我们相爱吧 inside tent eating all kinds of junk food

Meanwhile I will be focusing to modify my kite to the actual flying day. I will post my kite when I success fly my kite into the sky. Looking forwards.  



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