Escape game at bid Eileen farewell

For the longest time. I had the time to write a blog post. Sometime i just lack in content because my life now is so repeatative. For the longest time that the citibank giving us official off day due to SG50. Credit goes to Amos Yee and Opposition party. 

Today boss invited us for lunch and escape room activities. 

And this is a full group photo as of aug 2015. Everytime We took group photo, there are ppl resigning and new hirer coming in. This is also to bid eileen off  as she future to become a trainer. 

We went to to play our escape game and by going to peace center and the amount of ppl playing i did not place a high hope that the game is interesting. I was wrong. It turns out rather positive and i love the game. 

 The one we choose is "alcatraz" where the theme is about 3 inmate escaping from an island which prove to be un escapable. I was bored by the theme initially but end up i enjoyed the game. We did not manage to escape in an hour, but because the next grp not here so we had an extension of 20 mins which lets us finish the whole game and escape successfully. We had an nondisclosure agreement and i shall not give spoilers to spoil the game. 

Nice. At last something worst sharing on my dairy. 



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