Epicurean Market at MBS

Whoa 2 things I like to share with you all in this post. First one will be one of my favourite road show so far. Epicurean market at MBS where all the celebrities chief host their menu in bite size and reduced price all at one place. The hall is big and its general split into 2 session. There is one side which is the dining area almost close to 20 different restaurant had their kiosk servicing their signature dish. The other half of the hall generally is the take away session where you can take home top class ingredients and wine, cheeze and oyster!!

You know I like Gordon Ramsay and although he is not physically here, I am so excited to try out all the good stuff that he got to offer at his kiosk.

Price wise is steep, for my spending capacity, Prepare to set aside a $80 - $100 per person to even get your stomach 3/4 full. First killer is that the entry fee is $28 just to have access into the Epicurean market. So before you even start eating you are already $28 poorer. Usually for me I will not even bother to come into this place to start with.

Dickson convinced me on a quite valid point. This food you not going to try that often maybe even not at all you had the chance. I heard that one of the restaurant that he went with his GF for reservation 2 person set dinner is $700 each. This are the food that are offered on sampling at a fiction of the price and portion. Hence that could be the only time that you can try out.

Well at least we are on duty hence we didn't have to pay for the cover charge to have entry to the place. The place is so atas you can't even fight, have to wait for customer to walk in. I don't do walk in so I just went ahead to do the food testing.

This are the seafood section and the fish is so humongous. And the lobster is out of the world.

The oysters are from USA and I thought its the most value for money dish I can find anywhere inside. 6 pcs (1/2 dozen) is selling at $15. I had 11!!!!! Its so so good. And remembering that I am going away to KL the day after, oyster really come in at the right time.

This miniture burger is from Ramsay kiosk. Its pork belly of some sort and the skin level is dry fry crispy and upon sinking your teeth into the center the fatty part is so tender and juicy. There is really a contract between the skin and the fat. Its god like. 

This one from another kiosk which is the stewed pork belly. It looks like the chinese kong ba bao. Must with western fusion. Needless to say. There is a lot of fat and oil on that piece of meat. Which of course made it very flavourful. I say its to my liking. As I believe it good things are either, sinful, illegal or fattening. 

I had my last main dish the pork belly candy stick. 2 pc of meat is $12. 2 mouth full. I don't even want to describe. Picture says it all. 

After the road show at around 10 plus, we change out of our uniform and enjoy the mini party and wine testing session. 

You know its ain't even half filling we had to quickly go eat supper after that, because the portion is pathetic and I had spend around $70 without the entrance fee. I didn't even ate a lot



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