Tobi review: Introduction

Getting a pet is not as simple as it seem. They are cute to cuddle but takes a long time commitment to maintain. Dog needs to be trained and visit vet once in a while and it is not cheap. 

First visit to vet found that the dog have cold and cough so after vacine the bill comes to 200+ accessories and food cause monthly fee as well. Back home the dog needs attention and excerise so you have to part with time to accompany the dog and teach them simple command. 

1 week into our house Tobi still couldnt recognizehis name. Totally not responding to name calling and simple command like "no". He bite almost anything and destructed our internet cable while my mum sleeping in the living room. He will cry at night if he didnt see us. Whine when i leave my house. Sometime he might pee outside his designated area. He also starts humping us showing sign of adulthood. Many problems. 

But we are awarded with him jumping all over us when we got back from work. Very sweet. 



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