Superstar for month Feb 2015

Well done. For month of February i became the superstar for topping casa overdraft and credit cards. Loan is always the area that i am lacked in. Not because of my effort, its just that if you choose the ntb path if almost impossible for you to focus on loan. 

Thats why thise who topped loan can't be able to top at the rest of the categories. If you asking me if focusing Ntb gains you the most return? Good and bad. Loan is great and value for the time vs effort return of investment but not all people can get 500k loan every month. 

Finally tried G force reverse bungees jumps at clarke quay on an implusive and intoxicated night. Thanks peilin for treating. Peilin was kind and gentle person to hang out with. 

Now we run out of closing pose for 9:30pm and we had to use letter. All getting innovative. 

Now thats my signature preaching pose to customer. My mojo to mesmerize customer. :)



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