New found bbf

This 2 weeks was all about asking peilin out for dating. She insisted its not dating but just outing. I introduced shanghai dolly and we went that to try beer, wine and cocktail. 

We went to eat one of the so call best korean bbq in singapore at tanjong pagar. I was not impressed. 

We also hang out at arcade to play a 3D game that cost $6 for 1 credit. Damn expensive. 

I went down Ikea to source for idea to renovate my house and i like small space concept and i like the room to be darkly lit with very cool ambient like these 2 picture above. Neat tidy and simple. And the TV need to have a proper dimension vs the distance from sofa. Cannot too big if not it will be very stress. I will also want to have sound system at home too. 



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