Tokyo CF 3 days extended

Pic of the month: Tokyo Shinjuku Rider. Credit goes to me taking one of the best shot of paranormal. 

I am blogging from ferry departuring to batam. A one day getaway with mum. To i am going #throwback my japan trip last 3 days at Tokyo. Because of this extension me and CG pact number with our grp head.

We took the bullet train from Osaka to Tokyo. Train fare was paid handsomely by Luan. She is a 女中豪杰. Handsome la! Wee wee~ They had got sell food on train, toilet and even smoking room all on board train. 

We checked in to hotel gracery. But me and CG cheated to share room in single bed meant for one person. We were expecting the room to be small since Japan Tokyo is one of the most densed population land ratio. The room disnt fail us. Indeed small. 

We were at ironically staying at Tokyo entertainment red light district Shinjuku, one of the busiest street in Tokyo. 

Best ramen in Japan. Vending machine style and each individual partition. We wanna to eat and so happen we stumple upon it unintentionally. 

This is a very popular junction which i decided to frame my best shot. Refer to first picture. 

Day 2 we were off to disney sea as requested by @renu. Entry was damn expensive and we didnt even op in for express pass. 

The day just passed us by. We stayed from morning till late just to make sure our ticket were worthwhile. We decided to buy #OOTD. I learnt many lingo from them OOTD is outfit of the day and "shag check". Never heard them before. 

After disney, we headed back to hotel and we finally get to try the 24hrs bbq at shinjuku. CG had been bushing me off many time when i mention i wanted to try. The food didnt disappoint the place is packed with people and the grill is so damn small. Only manage to cook 4 prawns at one go. Luckily most of the food are pre cooked. 

See our outfit of the day! Mickey mouse collection. We brought it at disney sea.

Wish to recreate my best pic of the month but not all people is as liu as me. No luck. 

Walking around whole Tokyo in search of our buy list. Too many to list but this day is tedious. Train and walk so many places. 

We were shopping at chromehearth, jean paul, porter, yoshida, cote&ciel, boy london, burberry black label, HBA etc. 女中豪杰 spend money is really no joke one. As if the money is not her own money.

Each person minimum 3 bags full. 

OMG. Last full day and I start missing them just like our last day right now. We brought the gift selfie stick and start selfie many many. 

Got to the temple. Most important event is i qiu qian. And its a super god like one. 

Short clip made by Imovie hope they get to see me again next year :)



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