Champion forum Osaka & Kyoto 2015

Almost impossible to summary the adventure packed 10 days champion forum into a single post. I could only recollect little i remember of.

Team singapore

Mac house clique
Many TM came to bid their champion off except mine. I am perfectly fine i don't need people to put up show to me. My boss treats me good enough, nothing to complain here. 

We start a good night at this japanese cultural temple and had a surprise when all the waiter and chef started dancing. 

Its buffet style. I should had read the clue that there shouldnt be any waiter and chef as they are disgusted dancer of the night. 

DSO and citigold people were natural bonded into a team as we are sharing office. First location is kyoto and we shop around hotel for beers. Tonnes of beer in preparation for tonight party. 

Citibank hongkong came joining our room for games and truth and dare. Great night. 

Second day is a long day as we were deployed around learn dancing and filming our CF MTV with dance step. The whole day is videoing and gimmic posture for the 15 minutes of fame. 

Shop around the temple and continue taking pictures and video. 


The 3rd day if not remember wrongly we were in Osaka already. It was more urbanized compare to Kyoto. Our itinerary is light and we had more time to prepare for our GALA dinner where we receive our awards. 

I have received positive remake on my fb post regard to my suit. They say ham leh even from our frmale counter parts. I think i should go for the more gentleman style. Don't want to heard ppl say me looks like dikopeh again. 

We had a whole day 4 spend at universe studio japan. Simply toasted me sun burn without know, sun was hot but weather was so cooling. 

Day 4 night was preparing for our citi can dance.

We had put in a lot of effort in view to win this year citi can dress. We hired a professional to choreographer to design our dance step. Ash, he did a good job by balancing group step and not overly complex moves so that we can focus in syncing our dance to impress the crowd. He incorprate acting, element of surprise and finish beautifully with a group stance. 

Turn out we didnt get into top 3, thought a lot of ppl look up to us. Many were dissapointed even from other country there are pol coming up to console us. But in our hearth those 7 session of late mid night training, those bonding and lack of sleep, we are already champion. Winning is just a formality. 



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