Most desirable collectable watches

Patek Philippe


Franck Muller


Audemars Piguet

Not in a particular order and is up to my personal preference. I love franch muller the most as it looks the most unique and retro, their special font makes their brand jump right out to get you. I love the red and gold font combo. 

I am not particular technical into the watch like movement etc just scratching the surface superficially. 

My second choice will be rolex due to its easily recongizable logo. The best i like will be skydweller due to the date functions and the classic rotatable dial. It a fusion of cut edge technology and retro dials elements. Oh, they do comes in leather strips and chain strips. I prefer the former. 


  1. I'll get Franck Muller if I'm a gentleman. Other designs are not within my range of vision. Anyway, your current watch matches well with all styles of wear! ^^


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