One of my 2 faced shall be pretty

"If you are a two faced, at least make one of them pretty". I just came across this quote while watching The Wolf of Wall Street. Jordon Belford was faced with a dilemma between staying wealthy by working unethically or can choose to sell his friends out and retire with the limited wealth he already had. He chose where he greed takes him.

Not only with him. I believe everyone is a two faced who had 2 image, one inter and one outer. Even some people may have more than 1 belief. I myself have the contradicting view of life myself. I hadn't got myself sorted one yet. And it is about wealth.

On one hand I believe the more you hold on to something, the more you get to loss. (Buddhism teaching)

On the contrary, The only things that stands between you and your success is the bullshit story you are telling as to why you can't achieve it. (Realism teaching)

Very confusing. The world is coming to me in 2 direction. The inter self is fighting with my outer self. I just realise something. No noble man is famously rich. Seems like that is no nobility in rich as opposed to what the wolf of wall street had mentioned in its movie.

When life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade. 

But when life gives you vodka, you should throw a party.



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