Lonely lonely christmas

Hi Blog. It has been so long since I had been blogging on my PC. I had always been using mobile blogging for 2 years now. And it is Christmas and it is liping asking me to blog and since I am at home on the Christmas I shall blog on PC.

You know it is the time of the year where I write about my new years resolution and review on the yesteryear about my achievement and it is the time. But resolution post shall be saved till new year.

This year Christmas is a stay home for me. Maybe just like last year, I can't remember. Christmas is a best time to stay home my friend say. Of course you can choose counting down and I do not lack for friends for that being a DSO, you almost can be sure that there are maybe 10 different group of friends celebrating and you are free to join in any one of them.

But I just choose to avoid. All clubs are full, expensive, packed and dirty. You cannot just go home half way. There will be no cab till like say morning where you are jolly well take the first train home. I tried that some years ago at Clarke Quay and I think I shall not do it again. Furthermore this job is taking all my energy away.

The closest thing that I come across celebration for Christmas is with Liping where she brought me to little dinner at Bukit Timah where I had my once in a life time best cheeze macaroni with truffles oil. I cannot have enough of that. I would like to go back and eat that.



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