get rich make me $53 poorer

Fuck!!! I spent money on in app purchase for line get rich.

I am doomed. So impluse, the urge just too strong to fight against. I almost got all the diamonds rewards for the past 3 weeks events. That will include getting A+ maxed out 25 for 100 diamond. Getting COCO S class for 300 diamond. I maxed my gold dice. Following the jackpot discount for 5 diamond each I got 3 Panda Nana S class for 200 diamond. I missed the S pendant promo but Christmas I got all christmas pendal for a special premier charactor deck. Almost got all promotion for diamond.

Before new year they launch the event to get special A and special S like the Princess Yuru and I spent all my 90 diamond on jackpot and didn't get any A or S. Then I so impluse go and buy USD19.90 for 440 diamond and open 44 times jackpot all got 10k gold. I buy again for USD19.90 and played 88 times jackpot!!!! Missed all the special S and 1000 diamond boxes. All give me 10k gold :(

I am doom

I am fucked up. Spend money on in app. I am lousy and I am a loser. Fuck u Gary i fuck you.



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