Hanoi day 5

Today is a long day, so much to talk about. I think this could be one of the most memorable day, though not in a good way. 

We took 2 motorbike and when into motorcross mode. Jungle and off road bashing. 

The terrain is a no joke. We had to climb slope with gradient and bash into jungle. Basically we are all over the place searching our point of interest. I did not know if all this effort is worth it for the trouble. 

We had to stop over to ask local direction and everytime we ride pass the local, they will stare and take photograph at the 2 urban ladies in party outfit. They are just too out of place here. They were rare sight for the local. The island seriously had a more men over women population. 

Journey up to the cliff and the road is not kind to us. Lots of humps and holes made me impress with vietnamese that there are no place a motorbike can't take you to. Give them a bike, they can give you a world. 

The view on top of the cliff is astonishing. Breath-taking i mean literally. My heart skid a beat when they run up the cliff as it is so close to the edge they could fall down to the cliff. I just felt nauseous as tye strong wind blew our us. The legs are jelly as we are really walking too close to the edge. I think i am having acropohbia.  

Trust me when i say that the photo can't do the scenary justification. The view was simplity stunning. You need to skill and courage to take any better shots. 

These are some shots that tooks us a long time to take according to sandy's requirement. Everytime they change position i just feels nauseous. They are sitting on the edge of cliff. Women can risk anything just to retain their beauty even if it is just split seconds. These photo justify the hypothesis. 

For me i just prefer a selfie don't need to be breath taking beauty shot for retaining my beauty. God bless me that with none to begin with. 

This shot is call 天涯海角

Topo the map for our next destination. But before that, let me take a selfie. 

I avoid taking on the cliff as it is too dangerous. The beach looks more gnetle. Well can post for a shot. 

This is a fucking work of a sand bubbling crab. It has tonnes of them on the beach covering hacters of land. This crabs are disgusting. I feel naesous looking at them. If you are the same with me you are suffering from trypophobia. Fear for pattern. Now the beach doesn't sound that safe anymore. 

Heading back to base back to hanoi. Took boat then cab then bus back to hanoi. The bus driver conned us up and then refuse to bring us to the destinated location. And they drive so fast and horn non stop and sway around and against the traffic. I am so scared. Today i had the guts of mine almost came out for this non stop excitement. 

We had to be drop off on a highway and walk back by foot. Assholes. 

The 2 kind soul still brought me to have my dog meat as promised although they try to avoid eating dog meat. Thanks 

Exchange rate is $1 16,600 dong. Hence 370,000 dong is around $23sgd. This feast is able to feed 5 pax. So dog meat is quite cheap in vietnam. Its had a strong after taste like mutton. It is a love or hate realtionship. I am the latter. 



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