Hanoi day 4

Today suppose to visit some place then go back to hanoi but the man who provide wrong information to the boat location and timing screw us up big time. We woke up at 6am but supposing to catch the 7am boat to iceland but we was taken to the wrong harbour which will not be operational till 2pm. Screw up. We had to take a 2 hour bus ride to another harbour. 

Halong was surprisingly a more colorful and vibrant city compared to hanoi. Took some really nice picture. 

This is a crop from a paranoma shot. I just love this shot. So many things and tell so many stories like that. Okie la. I a bit overthink things. Around 12 noon we take off in one of the boat to iceland. 

Okie. Now i realise i am not going to iceland. But goingn to an island. I see. 

That is a sky view taken outside our new hotel. The hotel are newly built and all facilities are working nice and renovation done up. 

In this island which is restricted to foreigner. I was told not to speak a single words to the local. Something like shutter island. When some local speak to me i just ignore them. Sandy explain that i am a viet named minh. her brother and i am mute with some mental problem. Ask them not to speak to me. Lol. 

We rent 2 motorbike and ride our way through the jungle to the mini harbour. It is like going thru an island to another smaller island. There were told to be stone look alike again. 

The boat stop over at an island. With only 3 of us. Not counting the driver. We started to cam whore. 

All the stone we took resemble some kind of animal. For you to excerise ur imgination. 

For the sun is setting. The sky gets really dark after 6pm

Head back to hotel to get our seafood dinner then head back to base to rest. 



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