Hanoi day 3

Day 3 woke up at 6am and prepare to go halong bay which will be 4 hours drive away from hanoi. Recommended by the locals and clp so its on my top list although its expensive. 

The bus trip took so long we watched huo yuan jia and god of gambler 2 movies and i listen music and sleep so many times in the bus. 

Inside the cave is just some artifical lightning and i don't really know how to apreciate the nature wonder. 

Thanks sandy for being the tour guide and ask me to randomly crash into other tour group to heard what they say. End up i crashed into a japanese group. 

On the boat they brought us around the ocean to see some stones that the local said represent something. Just like the one printed on vietnam dong. The actual stone the actual spot where they took the picture for the notes. I don't find it fantinating to me. 

The stone above is said to be a man and women kissing. Well you need to use a little imagination here. Well they say our imagination is limitless. 

Me and tracy tried kakaying to some hidden spot like you need to pass thru some hole to reach them. We found the zao cai mao in one os the holes. 

Can you see the "cat" with its tail??

The setting sun is nice but only near evening. 夕阳无限好,只是近黄昏。

At night they promise to bring me seafood because we skid lunch on the boat because it is just simply too much. Too expensive. 1kg fish is 750,000 dong. The 2 kg fish cost us around $100 sgd. crazy. 

Its too late we had to lodge at halong. Went shop some nation for tomorrow. They stuff my bag full of combat nation like as if we were refugee. 



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