Hanoi day 2

Day 2 should deserve a title of it own cause there are so many checklist in a day. The most promient is the task to test the SNAKE! Yes i had finally accomplished snake challenge. We met up during lunch at my hotel and set off to a deserted location quite far away in seeking of the legendary snake meat. And that shop is popular in hanoi. We were presented 3 option ranging from 1mil or 1.2mil or 1.7mil for the king cobra. We chose the 1mil $60 sgd equivelent.

Preparing snake is a long list but i guess i can wrap up by post a video. Which helps to speak a thousand words.

Before the snake parts are out in dishes you got 3 items out. The beating heart, red blood and green bile which surprising is a very nice green looking liquid. 

All in all i can't really taste anything thru all the snake disk except the snake fillet ginger fried. The snake meat is tender but not too grewy and it tast better than it looks. 

The mid day is hanging out with sandy and her husband at a cafe just beside the duck rides. 

At night i took tracy motor and ride her to the famous lake. It takes a lot of courage being pillion behind me. Somemore the vietnam crazy jam and traffic. Moreover tracy front brake was not respondsive. Tip riding inn vietnam is you gonna be decisive. Make your intention clear, the rest is up to the experienced rider out there to give way to u. Ignore traffic light, ignore traffic direction. Just follow what the front rider is doing. I am impressed with myself doing things so out of the box. 

I praying for coconut worm. The restruant called and told us that the worm had arrived. We went down and i got to try out the exotic live coconut worms. 

The komodo dragon is not for feast. Display but is a live pet. 

The coconut looks hard to swallow and for a hardcore exotic food eater. I do face some problem stuff the wriggling worm inside my mouth. My first try i got too gentle with it and it bite my mouth when it is on my tongue. I split out the whole muthufucker. I attempt to bite off the head first but the body is so chewy i can't split it apart. Plus the body liquid just spirt out like a bad ass. After seperating the head from its body. It still wriggle there for 1 hour. 

We finish at 11:45pm and they have to ride back on the empty street 1 hour away back home. Poor things. 



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