Hanoi day 1

Just touch down airport and i am angry with myself for not checking in luggage caused me delay and additional cost to post my item back to singapore. My expensive facial form and the 5 toothpaste gonna be quick post back to home. 

It is the 3rd time i go oversea alone and expect some people just turn up at airport to fetch me. And this time like previous 2 time. I moment i exit arrival somebody is here welcoming me. So lucky. 

Tracy still have to work so sandy was tasked to accompany me for day 1. I headed to hotel then exchange some money and off to get my duck egg first. Followed by the rooftop to have a tea break. 

Hotel i booked thaison and i do not really like the place even it has a rating of 83 on agoda. Bathtub too small and cramp. Lobby kinda smell funny. The sliver lining is that the staff speak english and extremely funny and friendly. Got a free upgrade to superior room. 

Street food is good and tasty if you can reqlly overlook all the cleaniness issue. I think they are better than thai. Maybe personal preference. 

Rushed thru 3 place of interest. First we went visit the first university of hanoi and i am surprise to find that the teaching was in chinese. A lot of pretty syt at the uni taking graduation shot. Second place is the famous lake at the center of hanoi which was rumoured that a sword was taken from the emperor by a turtle to the sea dragon lord within the lake. A lot of couple taking wedding ahot near the lake. 

Dinner for pho cuon and stop over at a random themed cafe and then head to the famous night market similar to bugis street. My impression of night market had further detoriate due to repretation and imitation of stuff. Absolutely nothing to buy at all night market. 

Pho cuon is popular in hanoi. Hcm had their version in rice paper. Both are nice in their own ways. 

Unlike HCM where u can party late. Hanoi is very strict with crefew and all stire closes latest by 11pm. Police will be on patrol. 



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