Changed comm scheme

This quarter is good job. I hit comm on the 6th and hit tier 3 on 10th of Sept. One of the better performing months. This month ended with 100 Ntb 290k, 450cc approval and 70% credit shield. I had gun down 2 quarter with tier 3 and I had been loving the money. With these rates, project income per quarter will be 35k and annual can hit 140k. This is where I want to be. Where I am going to head towards.

Unfortunately at the best time they decided to fuck up the comm schemes. They had made changes to requirements for hitting tier. No longer base on 200ntb per quarter but 18000credit per quarter. Another words you have to comm in 6k every month without considering credit shield. The impact is yet to be seen but that will impact greatly on the way I carry my sales. I thought I wun wun eat beehoon Liao.

Just like these image taken with z3 compact. I am as blur as the photo.



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