Voe trip to thailand

Its so difficult to get a break from my work. I didnt manage to clear any leave since january where i went to vietnam for a short 5 days trip. I was on my compliance leave. 

Then company had an voe trip for employee 8 months later, i took the chance to get a break from work. I can't believe i worked continuously for 8 months. Even ah diem came for one month i only got 1 day time to meet up with her. Seriously i got so busy or not?

My thailand trip 3 days 3 night rounds up very simply. Chiong and sleep and chiong and sleep and chiong and sleep. 

Got to use my ages b ($650) bag for first time. Just for a trip like a bit wasted hor. 

Seond morning got into our amari 5 star hotel. Fully paid thanks to company. 

Got together to have a dinner before heading to the once in a life time experience. "20 years down the road when you look back in your life you can proudly tell ur children that you have been to pimp" - dylan

Pimp is a atas high class society gentleman club. Strictly man only no female allowed. Exclusively entry to men paradise, every men wildest fanatsy where everyone die if the cock standing. 

No joke. Although we are super early. I think there isnt any customer at all but when they open the super big entrance door we were overwhelmed by the amount of women inside. There were around 300 ladies sitting inside as though they were customer, 5 to a table. Whole fucking club is full of ladies all looking at us when we walk along the red carpet to vip rooms. Image 300 pairs of ladies staring at you. The intensity is a no joke. The air in the surrounding is so thin you can cut it like a knife. Breath taking 1 minute walk to the room. 

We went to normal room but we were convinced to try out the super vip. Mummy came in to greet us and brief us on the charges. 

This is the grand room with own pool table and personal dj to spin the music for you. Just for you. Fucking no joke. Comes with personal toilet and private room and dark corn sofa sit. You can't run out of place to perform ur finale!

When mummy brings in the lady. No ladies. No infinite ladies, i tell u no joke its like ants at work, the lines just keep flowing like broken tap. I soon fills up the huge room and some even queue at the staircase. Really dunno liao. 只有想不到没有找不到。they doesn't believe one size fit all, they come in 形形色色. It really puts iphone 5s wide angle lens to the test. There is no way to fit the whole scene of ladies into the picture. Too bad this is a quick unsolicated shot or i could have use the paranormal mode to good use. This picture is a steal shot, and it had been voted editors choice for tnn group 2014. 

Rest of the photo had not been uploaded to protect the innoccent. Or i need to submit my blog of mda censorship board. 

7 bottles of gold label puts us all 9 person plus 9 girls to sleep. All vertical in horizontal out. 

Next afternoon. Go to eat cartoon bun. Cutiness to the max. 

The street style seafood never fails to impress. Own all those high class seafood in singapore. 

After the pimp 80,000 baht experience. I decided to keep the clubbing group small. Join leos to shock 39 to hunt down the local. 

The last lovely shot we took it in thailand citibank branch. Those cro is shui mak mak de loh :) peace out. And work starts as soon as i land singapore with sg sim card online 9 customer msg me. Hor eh. Huat huat ar.



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