Sales rally 2014

Sales rally at shanghai dolly last night. Glamous!!! Free flow drink and food. Random entertaient. Haha. Whats inspirating is the award presentation althought i am so far away from any one of then on stage. But it really inspire me because i think anyone who wish to get there they can do it. All of us are equal human, they are there because they are strong minded and preserve. 

A lot of chai from citibank. Rm, citigold and admin people. All chai chai -_-

Sales accquision unit top performer from left to right top credit card, top rc + casa and top personal loan. These people are the cpf max cap people. All income is above 10k every month. Kuddos

Then we had the champion forum candidates. Its a 9 months window non stop top performer then can compete for champion forum. They went over to japan for an expenses all paid trip. These are the top 5% constant performer of citibank. Only 6 out of 126 dso can be able to be in champion forum. 

I nowhere cf runner but these are top tnn performer. Spend the most every month on tnn! Lol. 

We seldom get to take group photo and these are really really rare. Limited edition. This time alicia is not here. If not it will be truely group photo. Oh ya. Adam is here. My ex tm whom i seen only once. 



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