Oanda funded and project 45% profit per month

Had been on and off studying into basic forex for 6 months now. Recently had the urge to fund in real money to sample the kick in scalping the real forex. My practice account grew few hundreds of dollar in just few days. But the margin and lot sizes were not in actual relative to real money hence I find it kinda stupid playing practice account.

Set up oanda was a bit cumbersome doing survey sending supporting documents etc. Finally transferred actual money into the real account $500. Making sure the money is of portion to alternate investment. (10% of montly income) which I need not rely on the money for bills and do not hurt me if I lost all money.

Oanda restrict 1:50 leverage and hence my lot size is limited to 10,000 mini lots which used up my margin of $350 of my $500. Hence meaning I can only trade 1 ticket of 10,000 mini lots everytime and the winning is only $1.50 per pips increment.  Well it so little for scalping. In 2 days I only managed to scalp 3% of my principle. Imagine 30days scalp $300 and that will be $3000 per month if I increase the principle to $5000!

Yaya dream like it was so easy.



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