Celebrate early with mum

In view of hitting tier 3 (estimation), celebration do come early. After boss and me did a rough calculation there are still buffering of 10 ntb products. I am very likely hitting my tier 3 this quarter. 

I started treating tnn, supper and drink to most of my colleauge. 

 One of the most expensive dinner at gyu kaku. Waygu and black pork for almost $200. I treat my mum this time round. Oh very nice. 

Upgrade my house with a new fridge. Counting down one more month before my ex father move out from us for good. Time to do some minor alternation to my house. 

Sunny like to edit photo and sometime it have some really funny element to it. Share a couple of the picture for a laugh. 

This month i hate hate hate myself for tnn too much. Owe 3k to credit. I am fucked. I need to be banned. 



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