Psp emulator out on android and ios

So tired after IT SHOW which i had gone for 7 out of 8 of the show. Long working hours and mentally torturing. Well, that of course return to generate higher customer level this month. As of 8th jui i prospect 66ntb. Still far from my 150ntb prospect before 23th jun. I have yet go back to office to submit anything yet. Today my off day slack at home the whole time.

I manage to stumble across that psp emulators are out for window iphone and android. Got them all set up and played final fantasy type 0 on my g2. Framerate is lagging and sound is broken on my android. Window runs fine though.

How bluetooth ps3 controller working on android and pc. At least i can play the emulator in console style at least. Tonight i insomnia gonna pick up my controller and whack my ff type 0 tonight.

Tomorrow je branch. Hope i can wake up on time.



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