Enough i gonna downgrade

Enough is enough. I finally decided to go downgrade mt pes status. Fuck saf which need me to take ippt once every year. No only i cannot pass, i need to go for training every year in the form of either RT ot IPT. Enforced or voulentary training respectively. Enough of this shit. 

Hsiong wei kinda popular due to the poster. 

This month absolutely engage into mount everest challenge. Gonna run tier 3 hence for the past 2 weeks all mega booth. Can't really go drink until 15th finally able to take a short break from all these rubbish. Pamper myself with a good meal at fish market with tnn kaki. 

Then for the next following 2 days drink and relax burn a hole in my wallet for $500 damage in 2 days. 

Anyway. Dad had signed OTP and we went down for first appointment. Financial plan to purchase part share over my father 30% share evaluted at 113k. Finally i got to buy my first house!! With my mither instead if my spouse. But well. I don't have any spouse in near future and i took a 5 years to repay 67k. Rest deduced thru CPF. Monthly repayment $1200. Okie. Within my budget. 

My plan is to rent out till i cover my monthly installment and the cash will be saved up in the event i wish to remove my name from this HDB. i gonna buy a condo is vietnam using personal loan. Hope next time i can fuck migrant out of this cock sucker country. Everything is in a mess now in singapore. 

2016 election is what i looking forward to instead of stupid world cup on going now. 

Bit before that. Lets see some welfies. Hashtag**



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