Up and rising DSO

It is hard to be in team CT. I may be the top producing team but being newbie in this team is hard work. I believe I had pulled through. Our team 2 pillar is shadowing all the good booth. Yes. I agree that they are well deserved reason being they are consistent and super lao jiao. They are even more senior than our team manager. So when distributing good and mega booth it is of course a nature to give them the booth. Snatching booth from them is not easy. Need to be tactful and subtle.

For my first 3 months I was almost given all the lousy booth. I deserved the credit because if it were for other people they could be mentally broken. Well it prove because my team new hired had given up after 2 months due to poor results as the booth is those I had endured in my 3 months.

Although booths are lousy, I had never missed comm except a month which I gave up due to mental fatigue. By 6th month, boss finally gave me some mega to try. I never fail to rise myself above all salesperson. Regardless who. I am fearless toward most DSO except for a handful which are really really good. Of course some of them is good for some wrong reason. I admit i am not the most ethinical and professional dso out there either. A little bit of con and lie here and there. 

But surely i am rising. I am getting better booth. I even get to try jurong east branch which i always dream about going. It is just not easy to get je branch from team ct. 

Last month i missed tier 2 bonus by 14 product. I promise i am not gonna miss tier 2 this time round. I am happy with my last drawn which is a little bit over 10k. What kept me in this job is the cpf contribution. Sometime i just like to say that my cpf contribution is higher than the basic of some undergrad. 

Well. April comm sheet is out! My may sort of will be the same as april. 

And i believe my 4 citigold account should be coming in at may comm sheet add a $1200 hor ehhh. And plus $800 for 7 prestige cards challenge. 

Hor eh hor eh!!!! I am running tier 3 this month for extra $6000 bonus!!

Thanks. But before that. Let me take a selfie.....



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