Sha B hair style

Mum occasionally will bring in some good deal from her shop. She got a Sony E series i5 pink lappy for only $300. Yeah :) Speaking of her shop, she had done a lousy time managing it. Maybe because I also do not have time to go and look after anymore, the place is like a rubbish dump, selling all sorts of over priced rubbish. Now the shop is only a pass time i think. Hard to earn big money from it.

i just cut a Sha B hair cut. The fucking aunty I told her not to go botah. No once but twice I reminded her to go "gradual" but end up the fucking ugly hair.

People actually do believe i am gay. I always thought I had the looks that no matter how girly the item is, it will still look manly kind of aura. I am not afraid to wear pink or use lady purse because I thought I can control it well. But now there are people who really fucking believe I am gay and because sister with me. Are you okie?

Now yiwei and zhenhao both came into the credit card line. So happy for both of them. with them at least i had more motivation to keep pushing cause there are friends working in the same line as me. Okie I am not getting used to typing on keyboards already. So long never really type on proper computer already. So long not been using computer.



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