Trang is back with coffee

Saturday is a stay home day for me. Suppose to be at Tangs Vivo but I just can't do Tangs Vivo period. AB booth stay from PS3 "Last of us" and vietnam coffee better. I had been drinking 3 cup of coffee daily and the coffee Jenny gave me is running low, and just at the time when I was out of coffee guess what?

Trang is back to Singapore bringing me some more coffee powder and Vietnamese delights. Do you miss her? I sure do :p

She was here with another friend but unfortunately her friend got held up at custom and later deported back to Vietnamese. Sad. I don't get to know her pretty friend.

Last of us at 61% completion
Met with Jackson and YS recently over coffee shop and chat up a bit. They are all doing good, Jackson got his new flat and YS GF didi is here in Singapore with him.

When with Fyn to Raining bar and later Ali joined us and than I took Ali to supper. Super and beer session. 

It is suppose to drink and eat at the same time and talk. They say it is the culture of Vietnam. I hope my coffee powder can last me till 12th. These few days are working hard so I do not lose my virgin again.

When to anchor point myself to get me some sashimi craving. Well, that made me $45 poorer on my pocket. I had totally no control over my spending now. Gonna start earning to save and make very cent of mine counts.



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