Taka with jennifer

World. Miss me for 5 days. This another hour i will be heading to airport for my Vietnam trip. It gonna be good. I will be back shortly to update my travel log. 

Tonight went out with jennifer to shop at taka and use up my voucher. Thinking of getting a good belt. They are all in 500 range. 

Which gucci belt do u think it is nice? I kinda being laugh by jennifer as she saw i was amazed by reversible belt. I mean i really never see it before. Love it. 

Got a coach coin and key pouch that i had eyeing very long at ion coach. Brought it with taka. 

Get myself a masculine perfume and got a salegirl from portuguese kept laughing at my joke about finding the perfect perfume. She kept saying i am funny and she kind of stumble for words when she tried to bid my farewell after i paid for the perfume. So funny, i think i swept her off her feets loh. 

Lala with mervyn at star vista. Got drew in by the hongkie setting. So cool. Food suck thought. 

Met up with lorjean after so many years. She is getting married soon. 

Well, i pray for a good and safe trip later. Bye world. 



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