Ho chi minh day 5

Went to some tourist attraction, independent palace i only walk 15 minutes i sian already. Nothing to see. Just think this tank worth sharing. If you plan to go HCM i say you can almost just skid palace and go war museum straight. 

War museum on ther other hand is very much graphic and gore. More story behind the vietnam war between US. It is a propagada place and show one loop sided suffering in vietnam during the war. It is more interesting to me. 

They mock up the holding cell where the US imprison the vietnamese people and show you how cruel US had tortured the vietanese people. 

More galleries about amputee, no eyes, injuries of soldiers. 

Then a section on the aftermath of using orange on vietnam which is a kind of deadly chemical warfare which cause abnormal to many many generation down. Up till date there is still a lot of familes being affected by abnormal birth due to residue pass down from other generations. It is known as the deadliest chemical being discoved by mankind. 

Many photos on the defect birth from agent orange. 

The weapon section displayed what the US use during the vietnam war. So happen to chance upon these 2 weapons that i was being trained in SAF. the M16 and mortar. Almost 8 years when i last saw these weapon already. 

At night go back district 1 to have my bbq dinner da bao back to hotel and eat. 

The prawn is bigger than my ipad mini. WTF right. 

So day 6 will be going back to singapore. Finally. Travelling alone is HCM is not as fun as with company. 

Got myself 2kg of coffee powder and hao hao noodle and see you back in Singapore. Oh i didnt manage to try my snake meal this visit. Wasted. Nvm. I will come back again sometime. 



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