Ho chi minh day 3

Day 3 is an unproductive one. Van and martin and chi anh all need to fly on today and then will be me staying another 3 days alone. 

They want me to change ticket and go together. No way. So many part of vietnam i had not seen yet. And my snake meat still got no chance to eat. 

Before she go i was invited to chi anh new house where i understand more about the background of this 2 ladies. When out for lunch one last time before van takes the afternoon flight at 2pm. 

Me and martin went back to this salon and do our hair wash and massage again. Waiting for chi anh to come back after her errand. She did her new hair and me and martin wonder off to unknown place. 

Finally get to try trung nguyen No. 1 coffee. Which is our starbucks equalvent. Coffee is thick and robost. 

We were out last time to have dinner before martin and chi anh catch their flight at 9pm. After which i was all alone. A feeling of anxiety overwhlem me. All alone in HCM is not the safest thing to do. But i will survive. 

Head out to lush club alone to try my luck if i can pick up girls alone. I mean alone is making the already hard thing of pocking up girl more harder. 2 round of heniken sitting at a corner, observing how the place functions. 2 ladies beside me seem all alone but i got no ball yo approach them. They stood up and leave after 1/2 hour seeing i didnt make any moves. 

Then 3 ladies took a table infront of me, they had order bloody mary and i had the rush to approach this table cause all looks extremely pretty. Didnt do so because i scare they are with friends. So i walked around because sitting around too long made me looks like an local drug dealer. When i was back shortly to check out these 3 ladies 2 angmo had hit up on them. Wasted. 

I guess sitting around isnt gonna help me much hence i order more beer to get my kick going, and tried to moves myself inside the dance floor. People at dance floor is more open and they do give u direct eye contact but they were all with other expat. 

Finally i saw a single out lady on level 2 and i was drunk enough to speak to her. Toast a few drinks and i pull her to the dance floor and start dancing. She was initially here with a friend but had lost her friend inside the dance floor. Perfect right. From dancing to grinding and then touchy touchy hug here and there. You know all the drill. I had a total of 6 heniken and we decided to call it off at lush. Went supper after that and she even offer to drop me at my hotel before she goes back. Ok. Basically no second half. Sad but still enjoyed myself alone in HCM. 



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