Ho chi minh day 2

Day 2 woke up early like 9am to accompany van to shop for clothes. And by shopping, you do not stroll along the street. You ride from shop to shop.  Basically all human in vietnam is on a motorbikes. 

Van and her family sym bike which is shared among her sister and mother. 

Our breakfast has to be vietnam exclusive dish. The beef pho and "sting" strawberry energy drink that is only available in vietnam. Similar to our redbull. 

Crossing of road in vietnam is difficult for most people, i found i had no difficulties. I even want to ride in vietnam. I observe there is certain orders within the chaos. Depsite both sister disagree me for riding, i had done ferry them on the main road. I insist i can and i had no prinlem with anything. Just be as chaotic and crazy as the local. 

It is just like malaysia custom traffic just that this is never ending. 

She is posing for one of the 20 dress she brought. 

So morning had been dedicated to shopping, evening time had dinner at street aide seafood 

Basically i came to a conclusion, don't have to worry about what to eat cause anything you put inside your mouth turn out to be awsome. No wonder ramsey had endose vietnam cuisine to be one of the best in the world. 

Went to hooka in district one have sisha, beer and street food. 



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