Ho chi minh day 1 part 2


Van is out for full body spa after lunch. Her sister just went around to run errand for us. Jessica had the housewife attribute. Helping us to cook, change money and fetch her parent to and fro of house. I kinda of sleep inside hotel due to restless night previously. Martin just start his auto roaming and venture out to zuo wu zuo bo. 

Finally all came together and then travel together to this chinese bbq resturant. 

The buddah sit outside watching over the peace of the resturant. 

The usual 7 pac. And having all of us in a picture is kinda difficult. I insisted on having one. 

The food is not bad. And i just love the local brew 333 beer, only $1.20 sgd and having 5.3% alcohol content. 

Having our desert of 10 scoop ice cream fondue at another location. I had my 3rd cafe su dai of the day. Hor ehhh. 

Then van decide to pull me out of the desert and bring to across the street to try BABY DUCK EGG!!!! Finally it is like a dream come true for me. 

And guess for the price of 24,000 dong ($1.50 sgd)

The special prepared sause, sour plum powder with lime juice. Pepper mint leaves, 2 full duck egg (duck included) and half dozen of quirt eggs (bird included) and 2 small tea cup for u to house the egg. It time for me to open my first baby duck. 

The membrane still intact, the moment u brust it the juice came squirting out and it have the after taste like chicken essential. Sticky sticky. The whole duck taste like sweet egg yolk and the last part is the bone. 

This part taste like sweet egg yolk

The bottom half where the bone sit. 

This part is the breast and the soft bones. You just chew it away. 

The quirt egg where u just stuff it all into your mouth. 

So now the dawn had fall, it time to visit the best that saigon had to offer. The night life. Went to pandora sky loft at dunno where

Van had skip this outing and sleep early. Left me, marine and jessica. 

 Hor ehh!



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